Waiting for Sarko

We live a block away from the Maison de la Mutualité, where a group of affluent-looking and sparklingly-white youth are gathering, many clutching French flags. Despite it’s history as a hang-out for the Left, it looks like the ruling (for now) UMP have taken it over to wait for what everyone is assuming will be a concessionary speech by Sarkozy.

Outside the Maison de la Mutualité, 18h45 May 6.

Meanwhile, traffic at the Swiss border is unusually active today in anticipation of a return to Socialist rule.


Talkin’ ’bout Michael

We spent the past week in hosting-mode, and hadn’t been watching the news. So today over breakfast we tuned into France24 to learn what’s going on with the world, see if Iranian students are still rioting, etc…

Hah. Today it’s all about the death of Michael Jackson. There was a brief mention of a Baghdad market bombing, and then back to Michael. Footage of worldwide mourning, crowds gathered at the LA hospital, survey of shocked headlines from papers around the world. After explaining that the press was still waiting for Obama’s reaction (!), they then showed a video of the French minister for Culture delivering his thoughts on Mr. Jackson’s premature demise to the press. 

Ok, now the Business section just came up and they are discussing how much money his records and tours earned, accompanied by excerpts from the Beat It and Thriller videos.

It is sad that he died so young, but it’s now been a straight hour of news about Michael Jackson. And this is France, where he isn’t hugely popular. What’s going on back in Canada?