Tights of the month – December

Forget fleece-lined tights this month. For December, it’s all glam.

A few of you said you wanted to see the blue leopard print tights from October.

Do you have any cheap, cheerful clothing finds that perk up old outfits?
Please share!


2 thoughts on “Tights of the month – December

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks for the pics and post on the tights. (and the closeups on the chairs – I like them more now..) The sparkly tights are my fave and you wear them well. I also adore the blue leopard tights, especially paired with those awesome brown boots. Can I convince HerrKaa to go shoe shopping on my behalf? If he finds wonderful footwear like that it would be worth the commission! And lastly, minis for the over forties are always acceptable when you have shapely game like yours!
    Ps. Thx for bringing back the sheep banner and the falling snow too!

    • Thanks Fauna! Will ask HerrKaa if he takes international orders. 😉

      The chairs would go really well with your dining table.

      You know, I actually bought two of the sheep during post-Xmas sales, because I walked by them everyday and the window was just so adorable. I really don’t think I can ever top this banner image.

      I forgot to include this question at the end – do have any clothing finds that completely perk old outfits? Please share!

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