Tights-of-the-month for November

A while back I discovered My Little Paris, a resolutely feminine & charmingly illustrated* website that shamelessly promotes exactly the sort of fun, frivolous items that the rest of the world imagines fills up the life of a typical parisienne 24/7.

One of those frivolities was  La Gambettes Box (the Gams Box), where for a modest sum each month I receive two pairs of tights—one practical, one whimsical—according to the season.

This month it was a pair of opaque, fleece-lined black tights and some pseudo-knee highs that are a bit, er, Lolita, but hey, the point of this was to inject some novelty into the wardrobe (without veering into mutton-dressed-as-lamb territory, I hope).

Another cool thing is it’s slightly cheaper to have it sent to my office, which in addition to being vastly more convenient, there’s also nothing like receiving a decidedly non-work parcel to perk up your workday.

* and so charming are these illustrations that the artist, Kanako, has published her own book of them, called Les Parisiens. Last August the City of Paris exhibited on several on posters (like the one below) around the city . See an interview in English and more of those posters.

Kanako’s take on Paris café culture.


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