Like biking? Check out the Czech Republic

In late July we spent 2 weeks in Czech Republic and Poland, most of it while on bikes. It was our first real bike tour since 2009 (our May Day long weekend doesn’t really count), and we were relieved that my tendons and joints held up over the 420 km between Mikoluv, CZ and Krakow, PL.

We were so enthused  I even uploaded photos to Picasa and added captions. And now I’m actually making a blog post about them. This is an unprecedented level of vacation-sharing enthusiasm here on Pain au Chocolat, but that’s what two weeks of great beer, fab biking, and gorgeous Baroque towns can do for you.

First foray into Eastern Europe

Update, Nov 2013: I forgot to give credit to Simon of CZ Circuit Rider, for his excellent explanations of how to travel by bike in the Czech Republic. Thanks to him, HerrKaa was able to pick up the maps we needed during a business trip to Prague a few weeks before our vacation.

Another shout out to Top Bicycle, an American run outfit that offers rentals as well as guided & self-guided tours around Moravia, the Czech wine region. Thanks to them, we didn’t have to deal with packing our bikes and lugging them from Paris and through Prague. Another huge plus is that we were able to drop off our bikes in Krakow (where they also run tours), rather than returning to our starting point.


One thought on “Like biking? Check out the Czech Republic

  1. Hello Sarah,
    We are in Vancouver at the Hotel Vancouver, awakened at 6:00 a.m. by a clamour out on Burrard and Georgia. Who knew the GranFondo to Whistler started today from these corners? It’s just past 7 on Sat. morn and I think by God, they are all gone now. LOL. Anyhow I take it all is well, long time no communication. Are you on Skype? I’d love to call you sometime.

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