Early evening light






Some of you have noticed an uptick in postings. Ironically, this is because our Mac laptop is currently out of commission. When Herr Kaa took off skiing a few weeks ago, I found myself staring at the abyss; that is, the prospect of being without  computer & internet access for a week (work doesn’t count as our internet access there has strict limits. Often if I have to ask HerrKaa to check my gmail account from his office).

So this finally pushed me to join the 21st century & get a smartphone. Which means that I have a camera with me all the time now. And since I’m working an earlier day, this allows me to capture the incredible morning & evening skies in all their wintry  blue-mauve-lilac glory.

These pics I took on Monday evening while hustling from the Hotel de Ville metro on the Right Bank to my physio’s clinic on the Left Bank, via the Ile St Louis. I was late for my appointment but he forgave me when I showed him how pretty the sky looked….


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