Three for three!

Today I am VERY excited as I have not one, not two, but *three* job offers at various software firms. Now I must return to my spreadsheet and do nerdy weighted comparisons of pros & cons…

4 thoughts on “Three for three!

  1. Hurrah!
    I applaud the use of the pro/con list and eagerly await further news of your final selection. I’m sure it will be fabulous whichever one you choose. Way to go!

  2. Sarah, Hurrah for all your job offers. I expect by now you will have chosen one and be hard at work. I have been trying to reach your parents by phone ( no answer, no request for message), and by email. Today I am going to drive up to their house and try to locate them. Have you been in touch with them recently? Hope to hear from you soon. XO Joan

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