Yesterday was a magical day: we got our internet connection set up and wifi working at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Happy at-home internet user





The secret: forget ADSL and the need to arm-wrestle France Telecom for possession of the phone line. We opted for cable internet via Numéricable. It costs a bit more per month, plus 40 euros sign-up fee, then another 50 euros for a technician to come & change our cable socket in the apartment so the connection can actually connect, but by this point we just don’t care how much just so long as it works. And Numéricable has actual stores, so I can go and make sad-puppy-dog-eye contact with someone whenever something goes wrong.

Happily, right now all things are tickety boo…we were even able to watch an entire episode of House MD (our new addiction) on streaming video without a single blip – something we certainly couldn’t do on our connection in Vancouver. Bandwidth, yay!

We have immediately resumed old patterns: I’m slouched in front of the coffee table typing on the Mac, while HerrKaa is sitting 2 metres away at the dinner table, tapping on his Acer. I think we’re both researching budget options for skiing in Chamonix. The room is quiet aside from far-away traffic noises and the tappa-tappa-tappa of 20 fingers on 2 keyboards. We’re actually sending each other links. My software friends will understand this, the rest of you will think us insane.

Our new setup means we also have phone (with free calls to Canada) & TV – or rather, we will have them once we actually buy the phone & TV. We tried to today but forgot to bring the appropriate ID (and the reason why you need to bring ID when buying a TV is a topic that merits its own blog post someday).


5 thoughts on “AT LONG LAST

  1. Yay congratulations! That is fabulous. Your old habits sound like wedded bliss to me. Both of you tapping away on your keyboards sending each other interesting things. Yes!

    ps…you were right that this site doesn’t tell me when someone responds to a comment.

  2. You want off topic? Here’s more off topic than you can shake un baton at….
    i also adore chocolate and zucchini, and have borrowed the book from the library, but only made 2 or 3 things.
    In a similar vein, check out for ultra yummy food porn and great recipe suggestions. Oh, there is a recipe here , (a knitting blog with a fair amount of cooking too) which was so yummy that just thinking about it makes me drool. It was super yum and I didn’t get tired even after eating it for lunch 5 days in a row.

    oh – on topic, barcelona links are making me dream in espanol. very good ideas there…

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