Domestic Matters…

….are keeping me from updating the blog. Internet still unavailable chez nous so my limited time at the cafe is spent looking at our bank account and other household matters, and trying to keep up with emails from friends (which I love getting, even though it takes ages to reply).

Part 3 of the Internet Access Saga is still too raw for me to want to rehash quite yet. Suffice to say I have sent back the router etc… to our ISP and have now re-subscribed for the service. Yes, it is as painful as it sounds. The one bright spot was dealing with La Poste is sooooo much better than Canada Post. They’re friendly, they joke, they’re helpful – and prompt! La Poste is everything our ISP isn’t (which is misleadingly called Free, although it is most decidedly not, neither in terms of cost nor accessibility).

In the meantime, here are some pics I took on Friday as I was heading across the Seine to buy yet more stuff at BHV…

Route to BHV

One thought on “Domestic Matters…

  1. Thanks for the lovely photowalk through Paris! I may have to bookmark that photo gallery so I can make a escape during the stressful hours of work. It was a nice little minivacation to stroll through the streets with your camera and see the quaint and wacky Parisian things at BHV.

    I’ll have to send you a proper email to find out how the hunt for a cheap and cheerful spring vacation is going — i’m thinking about making a booking sometime soon so that I have a target to look forward to. didja find anything promising yet?


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