Apartment pics

I just realized that I never posted any apartment pics whatsoever. 

Before we moved in:

Our New Apartment

Move in day – Dec 30th:

Apartment – Moving Day

Today (January 11th):

Apartment – Jan 11

4 thoughts on “Apartment pics

  1. Wow, I’m officially jealous. How cute is your crib??? and instant hot water – tres de-lux.

    looks like there is plenty of space for us when we come visit in May….


  2. Yo, M-ster! Our crib is indeed cute and the ‘hood may even be cuter. Alas, “instant” hot water is an illusion – in fact, I have another date with Monsieur Le Furnace Repairman next week to help coax some warmer water out of that baby.

    As for visits, please DO come over. Don’t suppose you have a week in mind? Almost everyone else who’s talked about visiting this year is thinking of coming in May….

  3. Hi, Wooz – enjoying reading and rereading your blog! Even Aunt Joan is into it although she thinks she is prying into your personal affairs but suffice it to say we explained what a blog is for!

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