A Map of the Apartment Hunt

I really love Google’s My Maps feature and putting this together was therapeutic.

Someday, we will sit on our sunny 5th floor balcony overlooking the Jardin du Luxembourg and laugh at the apartment indignities we went through when we first got to Paris. For now, I’ll seek consolation in croissant au buerre breakfasts and the bottle of Monbazillac I picked up at the wine fair we went to yesterday.

This markers show apartments seen (or attempted) and are colour-coded green, yellow, or red according to how well we could imagine living there.

TIP: To enable “Street View”, click the View Larger Map link underneath, and drag the personicon icon  from the upper left corner to where you want to view.

2 thoughts on “A Map of the Apartment Hunt

  1. Sarah:
    Great blog!! I really loved the Google map of all the apartments that you have looked at. Keep your hopes up – something will come. Like you said one day you can look back on this and think…..
    By the way, how expensive is it to buy a place in Paris??
    Thinking of you, Lori Anne

  2. Hi Lori Anne

    It ain’t cheap. In general, advertised prices correspond to Vancouver’s – i.e. a starter 1 bdrm apartment in the city core would start at 400K euros minimum, and the square footage will be smaller than the Vancouver norm (e.g. our old apartment would be considered an average-to-generous 1 bdrm apt)

    Right now would be an insane time to buy anyways. Paris has had their own property bubble, but now the real-estate agents’ windows are FILLED with ‘A Vendre’ signs, and the banks aren’t lending money. I’ve begun seeing a few “reduced” signs. Local blogs & even mainstream media are talking about a surge in listings. In other words, I’m seeing now in Paris what I was seeing last May in Vancouver!


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