Our First Week

Scrolling down I cringe at the verbose (and in retrospect, naive) postings from 2007. Oh well, que sera. Right now I’ve been sitting at an old cafe with tiled floors and ancient, grotty wood panelling in a not-yet-gentrified area of the 11th. A middle-aged busker in plaid jacket is strolling down the street, playing the clarinet. 

Since I will soon run out of battery power, here’s a quick summary of our first week as expats.


  • Mats surviving multiple homes, flights, airport lounges, taxi rides and various cat food brands over the past two weeks, with no adverse effects (that we can see).
  • Our local Picard, purveyors of fine frozen foods
  • Velib, a network of almost-free bikes with depots all over the city. The first 30 minutes are free! 
  • Discovering village-like neighbourhoods in the 17th, 18th & 19th  arrondissements.
  • Getting a French bank account, even if we have to wait another 10 days to get bank cards
  • Sarah (finally) getting a french cell phone number – the 3rd time’s the charm!


  • The apartment hunt – even Karsten admits feeling anxious
  • Hotel’s supposedly-temporary lack of internet access
  • Size of studio hotel room + lack of couch
  • Hotel’s neighbourhood – it’s like living at Georgia & Thurlow.

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