Paris, here we come

We got the go-ahead for relocating to Paris in early 2008. Finally! This will be 20 years after my first visit during a high-school March break (where I met my first boyfriend), 15 years after my second visit as an daydreaming university student, and a mere 2 years after a tantalizing 3-month extended biz trip, meant to be 6 months but sadly cut short by an overlooked trifle called a work permit.

Since I’m in the throes of Wedding Planning for the next few months, I’ve reached my logistics threshold: I can’t stomach practical thoughts about moving and purchasing the innumerable items not included with a Parisian rental. Instead, I’m leapfrogging over all that to muse on where to take the inevitable visitors.

First thought: People call Paris a walking city, but it’s even better to roll through it. My friends are kinda fit types (I live in the Pacific Northwest) so they’ll dig the Parisian obsession with rollerblading.

My parents, on the hand, would probably setting for the calmer pace of cruising the city by bike with Fat Tire Bike Tours. I can attest to the comfort of these bikes: we bought two from the outfit in 2005, when they were clearing out old rental stock. They may be heavy, and the handlebar is so wide it is like steering with moose antlers, but you will not find a more comfortable bike for taking in landmarks without getting a neck cramp, not to mention being able to peddle effortlessly over potholes, curbs, and cobblestones.


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